What Is The Triple X?
A group of X-File fans started by two college students At SUNY Albany. Currently we have members in North Carolina, Albany, and Queens College.
What do you do?
In all honesty? We watch the show, discuss what happens, what will happen and why. We play on the News Group, and read and Write Fanfiction.
Are you Shippers or No Romos?
Actually we are shippers at heart. We believe that Mulder and Scully belong together, and that Skiner and Mrs. Scully belong together. But we think that if they got together on the show it would be bad. Some of us also delve into the slash world.
Hope you haven't been scared off. Look around, check the sites, and if you care to join, send an e mail.

The Official X-Files Web Site

X-Files Realted Material:
Reviews of the episodes.
Not all eps have been reveiwed yet. Season 2 and 3 missing
My own little soundtrack project
Sounds I promise to work on this.
Humor by me and some of my friends