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Hello I am Nouraddine Haji, you have just accessed my home page. Please feel free to send me a message 24 hours a day, seven days a week- even Christmas! Thanks again for accessing my home page on the World Wide Web.." I also want take this opportunity and say thank you to the wonderful people of Geocities who make all this possible

Of the estimated 0058458010billion people U R

The purpose of this home page is to try to help those of us who created their home page and are eager to locate the best on-line graphics possible.

Avoid making these three big mistakes relating to graphics on the Web:

Good Vs bad graphics. If you're going to spend your time deciding what graphic to put on, consider the following.

On a great sites at which to start your search is the Online Image Archives, at the following URLs

Thinking of Dressing-up Your Web Page Look no Further

Virtual Image Archive

better yet visit Photographs In Digital Format or Another Photographic D. site preexisting stock photos and another that converts your photographs into digital format

Another way to get graphics is to whip out any paint program and draw the graphics that you want. Even inexpensive paint programs today will do the trick of creating stunning graphics; you'r limited mostly by your imagination and artistic ability(which for some of us is pretty restrictive limit). if you lack the talent, you can always ask one of your artistically inclined friends to help you, or you can even recruit a starving art student(don't get the bad impression). Windows includes a free graphics program, and the following Web site has a free graphics program as well as(for use only with Windows so far): Grap a Free graphics

The last but least way of obtaining graphics is to head on over to your favorite copy shop and use its scanner(some charges may apply). This is the perfect way to put photographs online. Simply scan your graphic or photo, save it in the appropriate format, and "wala" slap it on your web site.

After dressing-up your Web page how about publicizing your Web page, because nothing is more frustrating than putting up a site that no one visit. Fortunately, publicizing your site is not as hard as you think. Add you site to the popular indexes, for example through the excellent Submit-It site: The good old Submit-It will do or better yet why not GIVE YOUR SITE A SOUND BITE you can also post to appropriate Usenet newsgroups, put out a press release, or shout it from the rooftops of your neighbours. Just building a site doesn't neccessarily mean people will come to it. You still have to get the word out.

Ten Well-Written Web Pages

Here is the selection of Web pages Illustrating some of the desgin principles. Are these the obsolute top ten pages on the Web? Well, no. No two people even agree on what these are.But the selection here represents ten good, solidly designed pages that are not overly sophisticated technically but meet the needs of the authors and owners as well as the needs users.

Who's Cool Page by Who's cool in America and Who's Cool International

The following page is a good example of "less Vs more." You don't need much more than this example shows to develop a good Web site, particularly if you have heavy textual material to present. Panic Encyclopedia

Or how about a trip through the Grand Canyon from Leonard Thurman. this is somewhat more complicated set of pages that illustrates good use of incorporating photos. Rafting in the Grand Canyon

Enough said about Designing, how about Gaming

Game Bridge on the Web

Feeling sickof reading, how about Playin/downloading a demo game


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