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Druidry... What is it really? What does the word 'Druid' really mean? What exactly did the 'Druids' do? What is Magic? Is there such a thing as Black and/or White Magic? Did the 'Druids' perform sacrifice? Is a 'Druid' the same as a Wiccan? What is the difference between a neo-pagan practicioner and someone who pursues the scholarly side of Gaelic/Celtic culture? Am I a 'Druid'? How long would it take to become a 'Druid'? Are the 'Druidic' practices still alive today or did they die off with the coming of Christianity; leaving no trace, rites, nor even a lineage; as some would suggest? What are the traditions still carried out and taught within the family groupings known as Clans, in the modern day? How do they resemble those of ancient times? Where do I look to find the truths of these questions? Are there any hard, fast rules?

Yes there are truths to be found, and there are ways to arrive at them. The avenues are few, the search is long & difficult. Even sometimes, boring. But the truth is there, the truth is constant, our perceptions of the truth; are what differs. You see, the truth is NOT different for us all.

These are just a few of the multiple questions posed on the subject of Druidry. The literature that follows is an eclectic mix of modern day romanticism, neo-paganism, and scholarly venue. The literatures that are available to us, that speak as to the truth of the origins of the Draoi are sometimes from the slanted view of the would-be Roman oppressors and detractors. Or from the hand of the Christian monks; who did a noble job of recanting the tales, and yet they are also somewhat slanted views, due to the differing religious opinion.

So, where does this leave the would-be scholar of the Draoi in Modern-Times?

Well, if you base all of your workings on these books of lore you may very well get a mental picture of what Gaelic life was like in the days of old. This mental picture though, will be clouded by differing author's opinions and the effects of time that sometimes distort things of this nature.

One way to fully obtain a more clear picture would be to study the literary works vehemently {with a special emphasis on those works that are academically ACCURATE} and add to this scholarly approach; a spiritual side. Walk into the woods and experience Nature. This spiritual side will awaken with time.

The more time you put into your treks into the wild the more lessons you will come away with. Walk through the woods... but do not simply walk through the woods. Feel the breeze greet your face, the smells of the wood enthrall your sense of smell, behold the majesty of Nature in all of her phases... The ebbing and flowing of the pulse of the mother in her full rapture of beauty and danger. Embrace this... feel the heartbeat of the Mother beneath your feet, touch an old Oak and feel the life force within. Witness a storm, observe the tornado, the hurricane, the earthquake, the floods; watch the destruction and cleansing and witness the rebirth of the new. See a forest fire destroy a woods; witness the spawn of new growth that comes alive from the fruits of destruction. With death comes life. The eternal triplicity of life, death, and rebirth. The perpetual cycle of all things.

The Triskele

Talk to the trees often and one day they may answer.

To Address the question... Druidry... what is it? Begin your quest for answers at the following link and continue by clicking the link at the bottom of each preceding page. Please enjoy this virtual tour of thoughts, suggestions, opinions, and fact. With hopes that it will provide you with the answers that you may seek.

Beannachd agus Slainte'
Blessings & Health

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Three Things On Which Every Person Should Reflect:
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