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Now I sit here wondering how to start - what to say.. Introductions and conclusions have always been my much depends on what has brought you here...

A stray click - landing here...

Looking for more info on the person behind a nick...

A search for things Australian....

Within these pages.. you will find 

  • photos of different aspects of australia and the pacific - with a definite leaning towards the vast landscapes of the Kimberley Region (in the far North West of the country) 
  • links to Indigenous sites in Australia, Community Organisations, Pacific Sites, key news sites, a few govt ones.., Computer nerd sites.. (or ones i would never be able to do without), friends (with a catholic range of interests).
  • Some Singer-songwriters, poets, writers..
  • A few of my favourite animated gifs.
  • The Occasional thought...
  • And..if you finding your way around this site.. you may even find some slightly more direct info about myself..:)

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