Springbrook Nature Center

A Place of Beauty in Fridley Minnesota

As a member of the Springbrook Nature Center Foundation Board of Directors I want to use this page to share the natural beauty of Springbrook.
Springbrook Nature Center is located on 100-85th Avenue N.E. in Fridley, Minnesota.
Springbrook has 3 miles of hiking trails which provide exceptional photography opportunities.
Springbrook is an island in a landscape of development and watershed. It's natural beauty will leave one with a sense of inner peace after walking the trails.
One exciting project just getting started is an entrance plan that will enhance the natural beauty of the Nature Center yet bring some of nature off the trails and into a garden like landscape. This project is currently in the planning stages and needs ideas and support from people reading this page. We are seeking sources of funding to make this a real success. Please help if you can with ideas and $$. More will be reported on this later.
Siah St. Clair, his staff and the many devoted volunteers make your visit to Springbrook one you will not forget.
Springbrook Nature Center has been voted the number one park / nature center to take families in the greater metropolitan area by readers of "The Parents Magazine".

In a recent "City of Fridley" survey Springbrook Nature Center was selected as the most favorite place to visit by the majority of city residents.

For even more information about Springbrook Nature Center, it's programs, programming schedules and maybe even a word or two from Siah St Clair click here
Winter Wonderland
Photo taken after ice storm in Winter of 96.
Photo by Dean Saba of Fridley, Minnesota
More Winter Wonderland

Ice Coated Bridge
Above 2 photos by Siah St. Clair (Naturalist at Springbrook Nature Center)

A rare Boreal Owl!
Photo by Brian Collins

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The Rainforest neighborhood will be a great place to share Springbrook Nature Center with the world.
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