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As you may have noticed, mosses, liverworts and lichens are nice little plants growing in many different places.
Small as they are, they have, like forests use to have, their own (microscopic) flora and fauna. Part of it consits of animals that must be called aquatic; they are only active when their moss is wet. Strange enough, this terrestro-aquatic fauna is particularly rich in mosses in hot and dry places, as exposed rocks and walls. It survives dry periods by a strategy called 'cryptobiosis' (I shall not deal with this in detail here). This site is dedicated to four of the main groups of these microscopic moss dwellers:

the water bears (Tardigrada)

the rotifers (Rotatoria)

the roundworms (Nematoda)

the testate amoebae (Testacea)

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Some names of people from whom I have stolen some of the pictures: Bertolani-Dastych-Petersen-Streble
All drawings in this document ©martin adler

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