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Is It Better?

Is It Better to love?
Or to have someone to bestow your love upon?
IS it Better to think of someone fondly?
Or of you someone to be fond
Is it better to have loved and lost than nerver to have loved at all?
Is it easier to see the summertime in the midst of spring and fall?
If more love must be given between me and thee, Lord, in my heart let the more loving one be me?

As I lay on my back, staring up at the  ceiling, devoid of all emotion, a being whose lost it's feeling,
I find myself wondering, where you're at, who you're with andwhat you're doing,
Unable to chase away the thoughts that maybe you're out there screwing,
Knowing if you were then I'd have nothing to say
I had so many chances, but  I stood in my own way
I walk to the window and stare out blindly into the night
Praying silently, God, I hope that he's alright
Dejected and worried, I return to my bed
Man, I've got to stop doing this, its really messing
with my head
I hear a car door slam and
anticipate your footsteps
on the stair
Dammit! Why hasn't he called yet? Doesn't he even care?
The clock is moving slowly now, or maybe not at all
This is crazy, I should just give him a call
Hi everyone, my name is Tasha or  otherwise known as Serenity-30881 on BP. Welcome to my poetry page. I was getting so much positive feedback on my poem on my bp page and such an overwhelming interest in more of my poetry that I was lead to create this page. So  sit back, relax and enjoy and be all mines please sign the guestbook and let me know that you were here.
               I Asked God

I asked God for a flower and he gave me a garden,
I asked God for water and he gave me the ocean,
I asked God for light and he gave me the sun, and
thre the moon in for good measure, I asked God for
love and he gave me you to treasure

I asked God for joy and happiness, for peace and serenity
God parted the clouds and showed a vision of you to me
I said "God, you're not listening, you're not answering my prayers"
He replied "I have given all you need a gentle loving man who
truly cares"
I said "Surely, God one man can't satisfy my every need
He said "My dear child, for you every day his heart doth bleed."

"For I have given many gifts, and steadily you have pushed them all
away, but I saw the way he made you smil each and every day
I saw he only you and only you to be the one to touch his heart,
I saw how the two of you mourned whenever you were apart
I saw the secret laughs and smiles the two of you would share
Even when you often said that there was nothing there

I saw how you were so very different, but in some ways the same
I saw the way your face lit up wheneber someone mentioned his name
So I saw this one last chance to give a gift, whose value had no measure
You asked me for true love, I gave you him to treasure