Hi and Welcome to my 1st Home Page! Please bear with me coz I'm still learning html codes. I've learnt a lot about computers since I started surfing the Net in March (which probably triggered off my interest in computers). Well, I'm 23 years old, working as a secretary at a Certified Public Accountants firm. I like music, movies, sports, travelling and many other more. I hope my home page will be useful to everyone in the days to come.

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My #1 love is Virtual Places which I think is the kewlest chat prog I've ever seen. You can create your own avatars and gestures if you want to be unique. I have been with this chat prog since March (Yeah, I know old-timer/antique/veteran n the list goes on......!!! Haha). I can usually be found in VP in the mornings, using the nickname san. So people now you know where to find me, no more excuses! :) This is the PLACE if you want to make international friends or maybe get to know me better??. *LOL*

Another good chat place is Powwow. The response is so on-line that you will even see the mistakes your parties made!

I have just added another kewl chat prog to my fav list which is The Palace. It's a graphical chat program. When you log in to the central site, you and other people appears as cute yellow smiley faces from which speech and thought balloons emerge as you type; it comes with a toolkit that lets you dress up the smiley in various ways (changing its expression, adding a hat and other clothing, and so on). It's a multiroomed mansion so you can roam around as you like and most of all, talk to people!

You can find other kewl chat links here. Remember chatting can cut into your sleep or even your real life activities!

This link brings you to some of my friends' home pages.

This link brings you to my Games page!!!

This link brings you to my Movies page!!!

This link brings you to my Sports page!!!

Welcome! Step right in to my avatars gallery


Graphics softwares
I use Paint Shop to edit my avatars for Virtual Places. I liked it very much coz it has the basic functions of the editing and many more.
There are countless applications available in 16-bits or 32-bits for your downloading.


Anime images
Images, Info, links...
A BIG list of anime sites
Japanese cartoons like Sailor Moon, Ghost in the Shell, Orange Road etc can be found here.


One of the top 5% sites for comics
DC Comics
Gen 13
My fav page for Gen 13's info and images which has cool links to other Gen 13 pages too. ENJOY!!


A REFRESHING coke to greet you at its home page, sounds delicious??
Comprehensive knowledge about Sony


The ultimate TV list
My current fav tv series and this site has its theme song and promo to the next season's theme and other x-files links


Music Boulevard
Hear song samples, browse the latest Billboard charts and lots more
Arresting and provocative music information site
Sony Music Online
Download screensavers featuring your favourite (Sony) artists
The Ultimate band list


See Europe by rail
Mountain Travel to Sobek
Info, pictures etc of this beautiful country
The Rough Guide
For independent travel and adventure info
Travel Channel
Read the latest news on travel etc


Your dream cars
Strange/Funny but true tales

This site is under major construction. You are visitor number since Aug 01, 1996. Thanks for dropping by!!

This is still a new site and will be frequently changing. Check back often to see what I'm doing! If there are any links you think I've missed or would like to see added me! I'd like to know what else you think. Please send all your comments, suggestions, opinions and constructive criticisms too.

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September 08, 1996

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